-10% AUDIOROOT BC1150 Battery Pack

AUDIOROOT BC1150 Battery Pack


  • 1x Audioroot ESMART BC1150 6-Bay Battery Combiner/Coupler
  • 1x Audioroot BC1150-24V power supply
  • 6x Audioroot Li-96neo eSMART batteries


The AUDIOROOT BC1150 is a 6 bay portable smart battery combiner/coupler compatible with the eSMART Li-49Wh, Li-98Wh, Li-48neo and Li-96neo batteries providing up to 588 Wh of energy in a small form factor and lightweight 1150 rugged Pelicase.

This product was designed to help location sound recordists use several portable <100Wh SMBus li-ion batteries together to power larger equipment configurations. Batteries can be easily installed and removed from the coupler to allow air transportation, battery replacement or use with smaller portable current distributors such as the BG-DH MKII. A mix of different battery sizes (4S1P-short and 4S2P-long) can be installed at will inside the coupler.

Power from the 6 batteries is combined and delivered by a DC OUTPUT connector (XLR4F). An external power supply can be connected to the high priority DC IN connector (XLR4M). The eSMART BC1150 is directly compatible with the eSMART BG-DU and K-ART.

A built-in 2 x 3A sequential charger allows recharge of the batteries without removing them from the device. The charger power source (24V) is connected via the XLR10F connector.

An eINK display shows individual battery levels as well as combined battery level, current, temperature and estimated runtime.

Key features :

  • 6 battery bays
  • 2 x 3A sequential and fan cooled integrated charger
  • eINK display with refresh button
  • 1 x DC OUT connector with smBUS data on XLR4F socket
  • 1 x DC IN high priority XLR4M input
  • 1 x multi-purpose XLR10F socket
  • 1 x DC output switch
  • 1 x USB port for firmware upgrades
  • 1 x legacy switch + soft reset button
  • 24V/6.66A charger PSU sold separately (ref. BC1150-24V)
  • 15V/10A power supply unit  sold separately (ref. BC1150-PSU)
  • Size : 23.98 x 19.81 x 10.9cm (9.44″ x 7.80″ x 4.29″)
  • Empty weight : 1.60kg (2.20 lbs)
  • Fully loaded weight (with 6 x Li-98Wh batteries) : 4.30kg (8.82lbs)

OEM references of the power supply units :

  • BC1150-24V : CINCON – TRH160A240-01E12 VI
  • BC1150-PSU : XP Power – VES150PS15

The BC1150 can recharge batteries during use (i.e when drawing current via the DC OUTPUT) with certain limitations :

  • MAX current output AND simultaneous battery charging can only be achieved if both the BC1150-24V and BC1150-PSU are connected to the BC1150
  • If only the BC1150-24V is connected batteries will effectively recharge only if current draw via the DC OUTPUT connector is <= 4.0A
  • In any case when batteries are charging the BC1150 generates a small amount of noise (fan and small internal relays from the sequential charger)


Batteries not included.

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AUDIOROOT BC1150 Battery Pack

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