IFB Systems

IFB Systems

IFB Systems

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Comtek BST 75-216 P Synthesized Base Station Transmitter

The BST 75-216 mini base station transmitter meets the highest professional standards while offering..


Comtek BST-25/216 Synthesized Base Station Transmitter with Carrying Case

The BST-25/216 MHz is a professional quality, auxiliary base station transmitter designed to operate..


Comtek M-216 Option P7 Portable Wireless Field Transmitter

The M-216 Option P7 is the perfect on-the-go field transmitter offering directors, crew, and client ..


Comtek Mini-Mite 216 1/2 Wave Antenna

The unique PR-216 Option P7 high fidelity receiver is perfect for use as a "piggyback" receiver on p..


Comtek PR-216 Personal IFB Headset Receiver

The PR-216 is our highest fidelity, professional quality, personal monitor receiver designed to work..