Rycote Invision INV-1 Miniature Microphone Shock Mount

The INV-1 is designed specifically for static use on desk & floor stands, when a discrete profile is essential. The lyre suspension webs of these InVision have a small profile designed to isolate in fixed situations for compact' microphone series and remote capsule' systems Specification: The InVision lyre webs are just 43mm wide by 40mm high, fit on a standard bar and can be angled by the self adjusting screw. Available with either 9.5mm clip (INV-1), 1 x 9.5mm and 1 x 20mm clip (INV-2) or 20mm clip (INV-3). The INV-1 also includes a reducing sleeve that fixes onto remote capsule microphones such as the Schoeps CCM and DPA 4000 series. The clips on the INV-1 and INV-2 hold the microphone by the connector so that a foam gag can be used if required. Fitted with: 2 x 9.5mm clips in InVision (43mm wide) lyres, and a reducing sleeve Small bar - 25mm (1") centres. The sleeve clips onto the microphone connector and the cable. Leaving the microphone casing free to be fitted with a foam windscreen if required. Suitable for following microphones on static use only: *AKG C747 *Audio Technica ES933, ATM350, PRO70, PRO35, AT803b, AT831b *DPA 4023, 4026, 4028, 4033, 4036, 4052, 4053 *MBHO KA Series with MBP 648A *MILAB VM-44 *Sennheiser ME36 *Schoeps CCM (with foam windscreen fitted).

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Rycote Invision INV-1 Miniature Microphone Shock Mount

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